Midterm Primary Election June 7, 2022 Candidate Recommendations

Calaveras County Republican Central Committee

Candidate Recommendations *


Jenny Rae Le Roux

Lieutenant Governor

David Fennell

Secretary of State

Rachel Hamm


Lanhee Chen


Jack Guerrero

Attorney General

Eric Early

Insurance Commissioner

Robert Howell

US Senate

Cordie Williams

Superintendent of Public Instruction

George Yang

Board of Equalization District 1

Ted Gaines

District 5 Congressional District

Tom McClintock

District 4 State Senate District

Jeff McCay

Calaveras County Elections

Supervisor, 3rd District

Lisa Muetterties

Treasurer – Tax Collector

Lehua Mossa

* CCRCC Statement:

Calaveras County Republican Central Committee has put forth these recommendations based on the candidates conservative values as well as the candidates deep understanding of residents’ concerns and wishes. Our recommendations do not parallel the CAGOP endorsements. Why? because the CAGOP has abandoned Conservatives for Rino’s and is more interested in status-quo than fixing California’s deep political wounds. We have also endorsed only one candidate per-race, as splitting the vote is a losing strategy.
There are only 24% of voters registered Republican in California and another 23% registered Independent, against 47% registered Democrats. Therefore, it is imperative that we must attract all the independent votes as well. Victory is a possibility in 2022 but we need every possible vote to rid this State of Governor Newsom and repel Rino’s from getting elected.

Ed Langan, Chairman, CCRCC