Calaveras County Republican Central Committee

Position Statement
In Support of the
Healthy Communities Resolution

The Calaveras County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) strongly supports California Legislator, Kevin Kiley’s Healthy Communities Resolution.  In early December 2020, we sent our Board of Supervisors Kiley’s Resolution for consideration, advocating that our Governor’s one-size-fits-all Covid-19 Executive Order was a poor fit for rural counties.  The EO has traumatized our rural county by severely obstructing our personal freedoms, our essential small business environment, and the learning environment of our school children.  Most devastating and long-lasting of these damages will surely be the loss of our school children’s ability to experience the critically important social and learning disciplines available only by participating in the classroom and other school activities such as sports programs.

Our invitation for the Board of Supervisors to review, discuss and adopt the Healthy Communities Resolution, recognizing its merits for our rural county, was met with deaf ears.  Finally, in February of 2021, the BOS Chair, Ben Stopper placed a similar resolution on the agenda for debate and consideration. Ben Stopper appears to be the only Supervisor who understands that the lively-hood and well-being of residents, our communities’ small businesses, and our children’s welfare are a huge part of the Board’s responsibility. The ensuing discussion, however, demonstrated our representatives had little interest in debating the subject, or coming to a consensus.  Frustrated, the Chair surrendered his advocacy for the resolution and punted.  The Resolution died in the BOS Chambers!  This is unacceptable – avoiding responsibility has become a pattern for this Board!

In contrast to our Board of Supervisors’ approach the Calaveras County Republican Central Committee recently revisited the resolution and once again voted unanimously to adopt the Healthy Communities Resolution for our rural county.  We need to get our essential small businesses OPEN, our kids BACK to SCHOOL and allow county residents to make their own decisions on what preventative practices are best for them.

Now we ask you – Which Board, the County Board of Supervisors or the Calaveras County Republican Central Committee’s Board best represents the interest of the residents, small business owners, and the young school-aged children in our community?

Ed Langan