Observation from the Chairman on Election Integrity 

We only need to look to our southern border for a solution!
The 2020 Presidential election was a charade and a travesty of justice shaking the very foundation that made America great.  Our fair and honest election system of one-person-one-vote, the bedrock of our free Republic was corrupted.  The corruption and deception allowed to creep into our once golden national election system has created monumental distrust in our government at the federal, state, and local levels, all of which failed “We the People” and America.

How did this happen? The current corrupt election process began in California and was promoted across America by California’s Secretary of state.  The election process is so convoluted with various ways to register and vote that no one can possibly monitor it with any reasonable accuracy.  Today’s election system has been designed to enable corruption.  This monumental failure of our democratic voting system was noticed by countries around the world, cheered by some, such as China and Iran, but recognized by most as a crushing blow to the freest people on earth and to America, the unequivocal leader of the free world. 

President Trump received more honest votes than any president in American history.  In absolutely no way could Biden have honestly even come close.  That’s a fact!  The voter turnout of true American patriots was overwhelming and Trump’s numbers shattered expectation.  Trump’s remarkable numbers resulted in the unthinkable 3:00 a.m. shut-down in key state election counts to allow perpetrators to re-group and recalculate their devious efforts to assure a Biden victory.  This panic move by corrupt individuals involved in the election process provided a shocking view of just how deep the deep-state has become as challenges to the fraudulent elections were met with deaf-ears from the Department of Justice to SCOTUS.  

Where do we go from here?  A serious course correction is in order because “We the People” are not about to let this malfeasance stand or continue.  Interestingly, we need only to look to our southern border and Mexico for a solution.  Mexico was mired in election fraud and the fine citizens of Mexico had all but given up on voting in their national elections.  In 1996 Mexico revamped its election system.  Now all citizens carry Voter Photo ID fingerprinted cards as official identification.  The card must be presented when voting and is tied to the ballot used, creating the chain of custody required for honest elections and potential recount litigation.  Mexico has stringent absentee ballot procedures and no same-day registration, no ballot harvesting, and no motor-voter registration.  If you are caught cheating, you spend time in a Mexican prison.  Voting and vote counting in Mexico are monitored by representatives from all parties and is very transparent.  Everyone is highly encouraged to vote.  You must present yourself at the polling place you are assigned and that polling place should be within walking distance.  Elections are always on Sundays. 

Now, thanks to Mexico we have a proven working solution to implement because our lazy go-along-to-get-along legislators have grossly failed us and the U.S. Constitution by allowing state Governors, Attorneys General, Secretaries of State, and election officials to supersede them in making election law.  Our state legislators can now simply review, revise, and adapt the Mexican election process across our country, state by state, and keep the creeping Federal Government (HR-1 / SB-1) out of the states’ elections business.

May we suggest that while today’s system is under review and in the process of being corrected state by state, we return to simple paper ballots and voting at local neighborhood polling places? 

Our vote is the pride and privilege of our citizenry, and it must begin with a strong, transparent and honest Election Integrity Program 

Let’s get to work and “Make California Golden Again”

Ed Langan