Q: I keep hearing about End47. What was Prop 47 and why do we need to end it?

A: Prop 47 was passed November 5, 2014. It was sold to the voters as a “sensible” law that would “Improve public safety, reduce prison spending and government waste, and dedicate hundreds of millions of dollars to K–12 schools, crime victim assistance, mental health treatment and drug treatment. It focuses law enforcement dollars on violent and serious crime while providing new funding for education and crime prevention programs that will make us all safe.” It was supported by San Francisco DA George Gascon, Gavin Newsom and others who wanted to make the justice system more equitable, by making many felony crimes misdemeanors and releasing thousands from prisons.*

Proposition 47 has been a DISASTER! The result of this 10 year experiment is that crime has skyrocketed in California. Thieves walk right into stores and take whatever they want knowing they won’t be arrested or prosecuted. Thieves walk right into our yards, stealing packages from our porches in broad daylight, taking whatever they want out of garages. Possession of date-rape drugs was reduced to a slap on the wrist. Stealing any handgun valued at less than $950 is no longer a felony. The ‘tweakers’ now run rampant in our foothill communities, terrorizing neighborhoods in broad daylight because they can. Even if they are arrested, they are out with no bail in hours and laugh at their victims. We need to Make Crime Illegal Again and vote to End 47 this November. To learn more, join us on Wednesday June 26th at Greenhorn Creek.

*Quotes are from 2014 California Voter Guide, Argument in Favor of Proposition 47.