Calaveras County Republican Central Committee

Dear President Trump,

Thank You for being a true patriot and governing by the will of the people. You Sir, like no other President, understand the peoples’ needs and desires and you governed with unrelenting courage and absolute expediency. Your many accomplishments will never be forgotten. You gave hope for peace to the whole world – everyone felt safer, and America stood once again as the shinning light of hope to all.

You delivered exponentially on your promises and you communicated your ambitions, your reasoning with clarity, dignity and true American pride. All the world understood precisely where America stood and America was once again a very proud and prospering nation.

We will never forget you. We deeply love you and your family whom have given so much in this gallant effort to Make America Great Again!

We will always stand with you.

Ed Langan
Chairman, CCRCC
Calaveras County, California