Kevin Kiley Enters the Race for Governor

Calaveras County Republican Central Committee

It’s Now or Never patriots...

Kevin Kiley is a courageous California state legislator, and lawyer serving in the CA’s 6th District and living in Granite Bay.  Kevin has spoken forcibly and continuously against Newsom’s unconstitutional Covid lock-downs and outrageous Executive Orders.  Kiley has sued Newsom on these matters and has managed his case successfully navigating through the liberal California courts against all the lawyer-power Newsom can garnish against him; the case remains pending before the California Supreme Court.

Kevin Kiley Speaking
Kevin Kiley Speaking

The Calaveras County Republican Central Committee has contributed $999.00. to Kevin Kiley’s campaign for Governor and now we are asking you to join us in donating and supporting this heroic effort.  We finally have a candidate that represents the working people, is a staunch conservative, is not an elitist, and has the wherewithal and legislative experience to govern our state, day-one, navigate the political swamp and “Make California Golden Again.”

Ed Langan Speaking
Ed Langan Speaking

How much can you afford to donate?  That’s entirely up to you!  What we can not afford Newsom to remain in office.  So please open your wallets and give generously to a true conservative patriot, Kevin Kiley!  We have the opportunity to elect a Republican task-master and courageous fighter to the Governors office in California who will represent “We the People” not special interest.

The working class and small business in California deserves better than what we have been receiving!  It’s Now or Never folks – We owe the recall workers our best effort – its our first chance in decades for a true course-correction in California.  Kevin’s young but he’s no lightweight, he went to Harvard, Loyola, and Yale for his Law Degree.  He’s one shape tenacious individual and has been a thorn in Newsom’s side!  Lets replace Newsom with Kiley and finish the deal. . .

“Lets Make California Golden Again”

Ed Langan