Chairman’s Message

Ed Langan speaking Calaveras County Republican Central CommitteeWelcome to the Calaveras County Republican Camp.
We have all chosen Calaveras County foothills as a place to live and raise our families for many personal reasons, but the common thread is it’s lovely, fresh and unencumbered lifestyle.  To make sure this pleasantry continues we Republicans understand that we must be vigilant and maintain a strong foothold in the political and policy wellbeing of Calaveras County.  We are willing share our views and listen to others.  However, if you are a recent transplant from the Bay Area, please hold your thoughts until you have lived here a good while.  You left home because you found living there discomforting and stagnating.  Please leave those policies to memory as you are reawakened every morning to the charm and tranquility of the foothills friendly lifestyle.

We Believe in America – We believe in America First, and that our policy and tax dollars should be allocated accordingly, assisting citizens, improving the quality of our lives, our security and safety while securing our borders and maintaining our critical infrastructure, including power and water delivery.

We Believe in Freedom – We believe the freedom to agree and disagree is our inherent privilege.  We believe in the right to free-speech and admonish censorship in any form.  We believe in property rights and local governments run by the people.  We are opposed to government meddling in our personal freedoms and businesses with mandates and executive orders.  We believe that the Judiciary has it’s roll but the roll is not policy its interpretation of the constitution as originalist.  We believe that un-elected bureaucrats have far to much input and impact on or lives and these appointments and quasi-government organization need to be reined-in and the bureaucracy retired.

We Believe in Family – We believe the pro-nuclear family is the backbone of society and admonish any attempts to revise this standard.  We believe in school choice and teaching our history as it unfolded.  We believe that public schools should be agenda-free and propaganda free and that each child is taught sound fundamentals, the three R’s and the skills that they will need to learn to enter the work force and be productive, and independent individuals.

We Believe in Small Business – We believe that capitalism, and small business, Mom & Pop businesses are the strength of our free enterprise system and that monopolies can be a detriment to a free society.  We believe government should not be intruding in businesses social practices, or choosing winners and losers – capitalism does that best.

We Believe in Small Government – We believe that government has grown in a drastically disproportionate scale – delivering more misery than services and is all consuming of our continually rising tax-dollar.  Delivering less and costing more is not a sustainable practice.  Change must occur and Unions have no place in government, this is a partnership out of desperation that has served these two parties very well at a huge cost to taxpayers.  The unfunded pension liabilities alone are bankrupting States, Cities, Municipalities and School Districts all around the Country, all while government officials look the other way and ignore the forthcoming Insolvency.

We Believe in Legal Immigration – We believe America has a beautiful history of legal immigration that has severed her well.  We are people from all walks of life, from everywhere, and we have one common goal and that is to prosper and proudly hold our heads high as we are blessed with this generous character-building opportunity.  Today our immigration policy is used to create political pawns for political agendas, and this ballot harvesting scheme must be suspended.  We admonish Sanctuary Cities and the likes as anti-American and hold these policy forms as degenerating to the healthy and happy lifestyle that America has provided its citizens.

We Believe in Fair and Honest Elections – We believe Election Integrity is the bedrock of our Republic.  Where every registered citizen gets one-vote and has his/her one-vote counted and tallied.  However, we have not been vigilant, we have allowed corruption to creep into our once-golden election process.  Today ballot-harvesting schemes, such as unsolicited mail-out ballots, early and late voting, unattended drop boxes, DMV Motor-Voter registration, and Vote-counting equipment that can be manipulated are all Election Integrity concerns that must be addressed and corrected.  We believe ballots must insure a clear Chain-of-custody, and Audit process.

We Believe in the 2nd Amendment – We believe the 2nd Amendment allows us to insure our republic remains free and that citizens have a right to defend themselves and their property against intruders and tyranny.  Our citizen militia is larger than any country’s army and is a deterrent to any enemy both foreign and domestic.